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At Evolution Wills & Estate Planning our team of all female advisors are dedicated to helping you plan for your future and take the stress away so that you can focus on what’s important right now for you and your family.

Let us use our 20 years of experience to help with your future planning

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Reasons to choose Evolution Wills & Estate Planning

Personal Service

Our all female team will provide you with exceptional service from your initial enquiry through to completion.

Thorough Consultation

We will have a full consultation and make a detailed record of all of your intentions with regards to your will.

Sensitivity Guaranteed

We understand how emotional the process of thinking about wills can be - we will handle your case sensitively.

Safe Record Keeping

Once your document is drawn up and agreed, we will store it safely and as per your instruction once it is signed.

What makes us different to other Will writing providers...

Unlike other wills & estate planning services we believe in personal service – so there are no forms or paperwork for you to fill out or complicated processes to follow. 


We are here to guide you through the complexities of  planning for different scenarios, and we pride ourselves on our straight talking, jargon free approach. 


Using our years of knowledge and experience handling cases which vary in complexity, we are able to help you to make the best decisions whatever your circumstances.

Reasons women come to us to help with their Will...

Maybe you’ve lost someone close to you & now have their inheritance to consider in your own Will.


Maybe something’s happened to someone you know, and you don’t want the same to happen in your family.


Maybe your business has taken off or you’re making real money in your career, and you want to safeguard it for your children.


Or maybe you’ve just hit that point where it’s time to get your finances in order & plan for the future.


Whatever’s true for you, our team of all-female advisors are here to help you make the right choices for you & your family.

What Our Customers Have to Say...

give you and your family peace of mind FOR THE FUTURE

9 Reasons why writing your will is important...

Here is why writing YOUR will is important...

Your children's future will be secure...

As mothers ourselves, we know this is THE most important thing. If both parents were to die, decisions about who looks after your children would have to be made by the courts. This may involve family members who you would never choose selected to raise your children.

You get the person that you trust, to carry out your final requests

By choosing executors, your affairs will be handled by those people who you KNOW have your best interests at heart, and you can trust to execute as per your wishes. 

You can protect your family home and finances...

Without a Will to make the position clear, there may be insufficient money left to comfortably provide for your partner or spouse. Your family home might need to be sold to distribute your estate, leaving your loved ones homeless.

Protect your savings and possessions for generations ahead...

Without a Will, the law in Britain dictates who receives your assets. This may not be what you want and what you’ve worked so hard for. And it may result in the people you care most about not receiving the benefits you wish them to have.

Your family won't fall out over your estate...

We’ve seen clients go through this – families being split apart by court action, in the deepest times of grief. By making decisions now, everyone knows where they stand and there are no disagreements on how your assets are divided.

You can protect your partner...

So many women don’t realise this – but if you were co-habiting without being married, your partner will have no automatic right to any of your property.  Worse still, they could be evicted. Making your Will ensures you have control over exactly what happens to your estate.

Minimise inheritence tax, so your family get more money...

Carefully planning your Will now could help to reduce the tax liability your loved ones must pay on your estate, leaving more for your family. It can also avoid them facing unnecessary costs or delays, amounting to £000’s.

Make your wishes for your funeral known.

None of us likes to dwell on this. But your Will makes it clear what arrangements you want for your funeral – whether it should be a burial or cremation, and even what music you’d like to be played.

Protect your business...

If you’re a business owner without a Will, you could find that your business partners are left without protection. Which could result in a forced sale of the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

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